Authentic Turkish Pizza & Kebab House
Pizzas, Kebabs, American, Turkish, Italian
TEL: 01224 641052 or 01224 930361
21 Rose Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TX


All kebabs are served in a pitta bread, with salad and sauce of your choice.
Most of our kebabs are cooked on skewers, on charcoal grill in your presence.

Doner Kebab

Spring lamb mince, flavoured with Turkish ingredients and cooked on a revolving skewer and thinly sliced.
From: £5.50

Chicken Kebab

Marinated supreme of chicken chargrilled on skewers.
From: £5.50

Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of lamb chargrilled on skewers.
From: £5.50

Shishlik Kebab

Loin of lamb chargrilled with onion, peppers & mushroom.
From: £6.00

Sucuk Kebab

Traditional Turkish spicy sausage chargrilled on skewers.
From: £5.00

Steak Kebab

Marinated cubes of steak chargrilled on skewers.
From: £5.50

Shish Kofte

Seasoned minced lamb chargrilled on skewers.
From: £5.50

Chicken & Doner

Cubes of chicken & thinly sliced mince lamb.
From: £6.50

Vegetable BBQ

Grilled mix vegetables of onion, tomato, peppers & mushroom.
From: £4.00

Salad Kebab

Mix salads.

Mixed Grill

Combination of kebabs chargrilled on skewers.

Falafel Kebab

Deep fried lightly spiced ground chickpeas, served in pitta along with salad and sauce.